Volunteers Really Make a Difference

The Kaur Movement Foundation has many volunteer opportunities available, from a few hours a week to a longer commitment period. Volunteers support the Kaur Movement Foundation by being available for anyone impacted by sexual & domestic abuse around the world. Volunteering for the Kaur Movement is an excellent way of increasing one’s knowledge base regarding sexual and domestic abuse issues, developing and improving advocacy skills, and contributing to the community and its members.

Volunteers interested in working directly with the community and victims must complete an application. If a volunteer’s application is accepted, they will receive further training within the program of the volunteer’s interest.

Current Opportunity

We need volunteers for our social media and email teams. Please support our foundation by donating your time.

Other Ways

Support us by spreading the word about our social media and website. You can also support our foundation through donations.


Volunteer Form

Must be at least 19 years old.
Ex: University of the British Columbia
Ex: Abbotsford, BC, Canada
When did you complete your education? If you are a student, when will you complete your education?
List Skills, Passions, Other Achievements…
Could be other Volunteer Experiences if applicable
Choose today's date if currently working.
Choose today's date if currently working.